Phaos Technology Pte Ltd is incorporated

Phaos Technology Pte Ltd, is a privately held company was form by the co-founder, Prof. Hong Minghui of The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The company licensed the patented Microsphere Microscopy Technology from NUS.

The company leverage the research capabilities of NUS rolling out high tech Nano scopes with its own team of high calibre technical and management personnel. The company wishes to establish itself as a major player internationally in the areas of micro-sphere based Nano scopes with major alliances all over the globe.

First Logo when established at 2017

Meaning behind Phaos Technology Logo

The logo used mainly 3 colours namely, Red, Green and Blue (RGB), which is also commonly known as the colour of light.  While Phaos, originated from Greek, means light. The three hues of light that can be mixed together to create different colours. 

Hence, over at Phaos, we wish to use our cutting edge technology, the microsphere assisted technology and develop products that will bring the optical industry to a greater height, where we can see smaller, finer details that previously can’t.