Phaos Technology Launch Disruptive Microsphere-Assisted Microscopy Technology

Phaos Technology Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mr. Merlyn Xiu Chao released a press release with regards to OptoNano 200 on 4 February 2020, San Francisco.

SAN FRANSCISCO, 4 February 2020 – Singapore‐based advanced microscopy startup, Phaos
Technology Pte. Ltd., has launched its first disruptive microsphere‐assisted microscopy
technology, OptoNano200, together with SIGMAKOKI Co., Ltd. (Japan), a global leading
optical component manufacturer at Photonics West 2020, the leading event for the
worldwide photonics industry, on 4 February 2020, in San Franscisco, California, USA. The
OptoNano product, which is ready to accept customer orders, uses microsphere to upgrade
the magnification of microscopes by up to 4 times using miniature glass spheres, in a cost-efficient

Launch of ON200 at Photonics West, 2020

The unique OptoNano product has brought light upon the potential to revolutionize the
microscopy industries by:

  • Enabling a microscope to achieve nanoscale magnification and observation at a greatly reduced cost that no other existing technology products can match;
  • Enabling non‐contact mode of observation of nanoscale object without the need of specimen treatment. Such a process would be an exceptional breakthrough for life science, biomedical and semiconductor applications.

For life science and biomedical observations, it is critical to keep the specimen uncontaminated and intact to ensure reliable results. For semiconductor applications, with the greatly reduced cost and omitting treatment process of samples, the current specially equipped lab only observation method could be turned into production‐line applications.

On the launch of the new product, Mr. Yosuke Kondo, President & CEO of SIGMAKOKI Co., Ltd. shares “The OptoNano 200 is an accumulation of all the hard work and effort from the staff of Phaos Technology and SIGMAKOKI over the last 2 years. It is with great excitement that we are able to launch this revolutionary technology together with Phaos Technology. We see the disruptive potential of the technology and will continue to develop further on the technology together with Phaos Technology.”

Prof. Hong Minghui, co‐founder and director of Phaos Technology, and Professor from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Engineering, Optical Science and Engineering Centre, further added: “The OptoNano technology is able to allow microscopes to see smaller and better at an exceptionally cost effective way. With such a technology, we are able to make super‐resolution microscopy affordable to the masses. The world as we know is getting smaller. As such, our need to be able to see even smaller materials is growing. We believe such a technology will have a lasting effect on enabling the development of future
technologies.” Prof Hong further added: “With the on‐going coronavirus outbreak, it becomes ever more critical to be able to identify and study viruses without contaminating the samples, which are around 60nm to 200nm in size. We hope that our OptoNano product line is able to enable the rapid discovery of future viruses and make an impact in the creation of next generation treatment of such viruses.”

(Left) Prof. Hong Ming Hui with (Right) Mr. Yosuke Kondo, President & CEO of SIGMAKOKI Co., Ltd. at the launch of ON200 at Photonics West, 2020.

The microsphere technology was developed by Prof. Hong Minghui and his team in the National University of Singapore (NUS). In 2010, Prof Hong conceived the idea of this novel optical microscope and in 2012, Prof Hong and his team obtained the Competitive Research Programme grant from National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore to develop a microsphere‐assisted microscopy technology. The team spun off in 2017 to form Phaos Technology Pte. Ltd., which is an incubate at NUS Enterprise @ Singapore Science Park, and licensed the technology from NUS to commercialize it into a product.

Phaos Technology and SigmaKoki have been working closely together over the last two years and signed a strategic collaboration on 4 October 2019 to co‐develop the OptoNano range of products. Phaos Technology and SIGMAKOKI will continue to develop the OptoNano product range, and a new version of OptoNano100 with ability to see objects smaller than 100nm will be ready for market in early 2021.