Developed a New Operating System (OS)

On August 2020, Phaos Technology’s Software Team managed to roll out a brand new operating system (OS) for our OptoNano Microscope Series.

The system was designed with the aim to be user friendly and improve the ease of users obtaining and analyzing the image shown, giving the image data more purpose.

Let’s first take a look at the key features developed by Phaos Technology’s Software Team

1. Image Stitch

Developed on advanced algorithm, Image Stitching Function is designed in high-resolution (with 100x lens) and super-resolution (ON200 Lens applied) applications, to enable construction of high-quality image of larger sample areas (expanded FOV).

Image data, without compression to retain fully acquired information, will be automatically saved on the data folder of the ON200 operating system computer. A high-speed digital camera of 35.8fps enables an exceptionally fast stitching process for super-resolution image data construction of selected region of interest (ROI) on the target sample.

2. Auto-Focus Feature

At the user’s choice, Autofocus is easily deployed on the Camera Setting, allowing users to achieve optimized imaging automatically on target observation.

3. High Accuracy Measurement Tools

Benchmarked with industrial leading standard, the measurement tools integrated in ON200 operating system enable the user to conduct both live-view and still image measurement with ease, to further enable application analysis (e.g., PCB fabrication QC).

If you are keen in experiencing the OS yourself, do contact via us via the link and our support team will arrange a suitable time and date for you.