OptoNano microscopes, built on patented Optical Microsphere Nanoscopy (OMN) technologies, is able to resolve target features down to 137nm scale in visible light and ambient air observation, breaking the ~200nm Abbe’s resolution Limit and bridging a major gap between optical and electron microscopy.

This series is co-developed and manufactured with SigmaKoki Pte Ltd.

Opto Nano 200

Using patented microsphere microscopy technology, Opto Nano 200 is able to resolve target features down to 137 nm scale in visible light and ambient air observation.

PT Biology

The PTB is equipped with excellent infinity plan achromatic objectives, phase contrast device and wide field eyepieces.
The ideal ergonomic design is adopted, such as low-lying focusing knobs, backward nosepiece and integrated handle, so that operate the instruments easier and have wider space, especially moving the instruments is better safety. They can be used for biology, medical treatment, teaching demonstration and scientific research. PTB Total magnification: 40x-1600x.