PT Biology

| Overview

The PTB is equipped with excellent infinity plan achromatic objectives, phase contrast device
and wide field eyepieces. The ideal ergonomic design is adopted, such as low-lying focusing knobs, backward nosepiece and integrated handle, so that operate the instruments easier and have wider space, especially moving the instruments is better safety. They can be used for biology, medical treatment, teaching demonstration and scientific research. PTB Total magnification: 40x-1600x.

| Key Features

Efficent | Kohler illumination | Built-in field diaphragm | Adjustable brightness

Adopted excellent optical system, equipped with excellent optical performance.
The microscope is equipped with a phase contrast device which can be used to observe
stained samples lacking contrast. The notions of design streamline figure and pastel colour
makes the microscope has more beautiful appearance. Adopts Kohler illumination. Built-in
field diaphragm, adjustable brightness, high image contrast.

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