| Overview

| Key Capabilities

Built on a robust optical microscope structure, Opto Nano microscopes offers extraordinary imaging capability and high-speed data acquisition in an exceptionally compact size, ease of use at ultralow operating cost.

1. High-Resolution Applications

Flexible choice of 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x long working distance objective lens in high resolution observation for imaging up to 0.3μm

Test target sample with different size of spatial lines to demonstrate resolution capability of a microscope
(Illustrated a test target sample with different size of spatial lines)

2. Super-Resolution Applications – ON200 Lens Enabled

Super-resolution (<200nm) application is processed with ON200 Lens installed and applied, for imaging up to 137nm.

| Key Features

1. Auto Focus

At the user’s choice, Autofocus is easily deployed on the Camera Setting, allowing users to achieve optimized imaging automatically on target observation.

2. Image Stitching

Designed in high-resolution (100x lens) and super-resolution (ON200 Lens applied) applications which enable the construction of a high-quality image of larger sample areas (expanded FOV).

3. High Accuracy Measuring Tools

Enable users to conduct both live-view and still image measurement with ease, with 0.5% +/- tolerance (point to point distance measurement), to further enable application analysis.

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